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Gender Differences Essay

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Gender is a very controversial subject and is not something that can be clearly defined to others. Gender differences in society show that you are not just born as a man or a woman; you are made that way through cultural backgrounds causing several complexities dealing with this issue. Both Melissa Snow and Clive Thompson, feel that “gender isn’t simply innate or biological,” rather it is shown through your actions and how you feel about yourself.
The idea of being born into a gender is something that has been displayed as a basic principle to life. For example, when Melissa Snow states, that people learn, “the key differences between man and woman are in their plumbing” (Atwan 104), she is displaying the opposing argument that gender isn’t something you earn it is something that just comes to you by birth. However, the argument that supports this statement is not strong enough to fight the battle that people are judged by gender based off their actions. Gender is something that needs to be guarded severely to be justified to each individual. The CSU journalist notices that our gender is “defined not as much by surface appearance but by who we are on the inside and how we protect that identity to the outside” (Atwan 104). This is showing that gender is not such a straight forward issue but is something that causes a range of complexities to it. Gender can be described as who a person is on the inside that is brought to the appearance of others.
The idea that you are placed in a specific gender category based off your “plumbing” is something that was disregarded years ago. Views on the roles in society and how you should appear differ for each gender. The opposing gender also has opinions on how another gender should look and act. For example, readers of Maxim magazine are supposed to imply, “that if you are a feminist, a vegan, or someone who stands up for what she believes in, then you are obviously not a real girl” (Atwan 104). However, who’s to say that...

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