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Gender Perception Essay

  • Submitted by: LuckyLady98223
  • on March 4, 2011
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Running Head: BE A JUROR

Be A Juror
Debbie Stokke-Gatti
Central Washington University

Today’s society is full of many different types of nationalities and many different types of sexual orientations. It use to be that you could look at a face and often had no difficulty determining the person’s gender, in spite of the fact that male and female faces are remarkably similar to the human eye. In this study the experiment was to determine which facial features lead to the participant classifying a face as male or female, in other words participants would gender categorize a gender neutral face. Participants categorized 48 faces (hair and neck covered) as either male or female, and were shown   three different   parts of the face,   (1) full face view, (2) mouth only- only the mouth and chin regions are visible (3) eyes only-only the eyes and brow region are visible. Participants are then asked to identify the face as either male or female and then indicate their assurance/confidence in the choice they have made. The results showed some areas of the face provide more effective cues for gender identification. Specifically, participants showed no difference in the number of correct judgments between a female face and a male face. There was a significant difference between the numbers of correct judgments as a function of parts shown. Significant difference was found between mouth only and the other two face parts. Significantly poorer gender identification showed up when the mouth only was shown then when the eyes only or full face was shown.

Be A Juror
The experiment, Be a Juror was studied to explore the importance of eyewitness testimonies in a jury trial. This study looks at both a jury’s behavior and an eyewitness’s testimony in a mock trial. The focus is mainly on assessing the reliability of eyewitness identifications. For this experiment, Be a Juror there was a total of . There were a total of sixty-six female participants and nine male...

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