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Gender Roles And Stratification Essay

  • Submitted by: andynewp
  • on December 5, 2011
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Reflection paper #3: Gender roles and stratification

Over the years gender stratification has been the subject of change, however there are three very clear areas where gender is scrutinized in society. Our nation like to preach that we are progressive but when you take a closer look at institution of marriage and family gender stratification is immediately present. Also, in sport and physical health genders are continuously stigmatized and labeled in their respective pockets. Finally, in the fields of academia and careers genders stratification becomes evident as they fall into their stereotypes. These stratifications go unnoticed by most as we as a people accept our gender roles. Because society accepts these roles change is very difficult to manage. That is why such a difference between men and women exist.
In families one can observe obvious gender roles in homes and marriages as domestic needs ensue. In the article, The Second Shift, the author describes a married couple who try to split their duties equally. However, the gender role women have unconsciously acquired makes them dependent on men and therefore women are labeled weak or insuffient.   House wives are basically working for free and the lack of income subsequently leads to male dependency which creates a male power complex. This complex allows men to feel superior over women and act as the leader of a household. This is evident when we look at domestic abuse and violence where every 9 seconds in the US a woman is assaulted or beaten, according to domesticabuse.org. Women use this role to be sympathetic as well; they take care of the home and become the nurturer. it is seen as women often buy birthday cards, purchase flowers, and create baby books and scrapbooks. men are not seen in this hallmark-y light because they value masculine activities such as tools or cars. the difference in morals is what sets men and women apart. Where women spend more time with family and stay connected to kinships,...

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