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Gender Roles In The Last Century- Opinion Paper

  • Submitted by: cupcake12
  • on December 4, 2011
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Gender Roles Changing in The Last Century

Women have come a long way from being confined by the idealized image society held them to. The routine by which all women must live or deny their femininity and stand up for what they wish to do in life. From the necessity to only be the housewife, mother, and wife in which they must be cooking, cleaning, washing, and bearing children they have now become bread winners just like the men and can provide for their families if they choose to and not because that is how society sees it. If a woman would like to break out of being the housewife and work then she shall do so!
Women in the work place began with World War I, around 1914. As thousands of men are serving for their country in a war, there was a shortage of men able to work at the factories and jobs that they had left behind. With this shortage, women’s roles begin to shift as they are filling in the gaps to help survive and provide for their families as the “main bread winners” are away on duty. These women began by being hired and producing mass amounts of war materials outside their homes and in factories. Change for these women showed them a new world of decent wages and rewarding satisfaction of providing for themselves. Tasting the life of independence and workforce life, these women had to help themselves to travel to work while taking care of the children and balancing work with their home duties.
As their lifestyle began to change and they must now balance home life and work life as the gender roles began to change in America. As a step in the door towards equality between the gender roles, these new jobs have now been opened up to women who need to provide for their families in World War I. Until World War 1 ends and the husbands and males come home from duty, they women are forced back into home life to resume their jobs as homemakers. A job competition does not ensue because a woman’s place was the home while the men continued to do the dirty work...

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