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gender selection Essay

  • Submitted by: sublime2454
  • on December 7, 2008
  • Category: Social Issues
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Amanda Moore
Professor Eskew
English 1A
8 December 2008
Research Paper
Parents will often think of their unborn child and hope that it may be born a specific gender. Most parents although, they may have preferred a particular sex when the child is born, soon forget about any pretense they may have had and are grateful for their baby. Gender selection has not been around long enough for us to know how safe it is. People have become greedy in what they expect from science. Although it is fun in thought, acting on it may be risky.
Gender selection has been practiced in various ways in many countries. Some practices are frowned upon while others may be "socially acceptable". There are two relatively new technological methods of achieving the goal of embryonic gender selection, something that has been science fiction for a long time. Pre-implantation has become the most common method of embryonic gender selection, which involves sperm sorting for in-vitro fertilization procedures and pre-implantation genetic diagnosis. Most of the arguments apply to both as they are about whether this practice should be allowed in principle, but the issues arise because some say that we should be able to choose the gender of our children, while others think that we should not be able to because it is unnatural.
Some practices of gender selection involve sex-selective infanticide and abandonment. Although they are both illegal it is still practiced in various counties. This topic does not focus upon or attempt to present arguments for selective abortion, but this does provide the context for a more recent and balanced debate as to whether methods for selecting the gender of a child at the start of a pregnancy should be allowed.
Many questions arise from this debate such as: Do parents have a free choice to select the sex of their children? Is it culturally sound to allow for gender selection? Would gender selection cause a demographic population imbalance? While some may think...

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