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Gene Therapy Notes Essay

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-So gene therapy, I’m not sure who’s familiar with this technology or if you even care so I’ll talk briefly about how it works, potential pros and cons to gene treatment and what the future for this technology is.
-Moving forward, Gene therapy is an experimental technique that uses genes to treat or prevent disease.
-Genes, which are carried on chromosomes are the bodies units of heredity. They are sequences that act as instructions on how to make proteins. Proteins carry out the majority of life functions and when the gene sequence is altered, the encoded proteins are unable to carry out normal function. As a result, genetic disorders can result.
-Gene therapy is a technique for correcting defective genes responsible for disease development.
-Occurs in several different forms but the most common is through the insertion of functional genes into an unspecified genomic location in order to replace a mutated gene.
-Other forms include directly correcting the mutation and modifying normal genes that enable a viral infection.
Genes can be delivered within tiny synthetic "envelopes" of fat molecules. Cell membranes contain a very high concentration of fat molecules. The fat molecule "envelope" can carry the therapeutic gene into the cell by being admitted through the cell membrane as if it were one of its own molecules.
The main way gene therapy will be used is through something called virus therapy. This is an example of virus therapy using an adenovirus vector. Viral vectors deliver genetic material straight to the nucleus of the cell. In developing virus carriers, the DNA coding for some or all of the normal genes of the virus to be used as a carrier are removed and replaced with a treatment gene.
The virus carriers are engineered to be inoculated which means that they cannot copy themselves within the cell.
-The biggest problem is that the viruses that are engineered may target the wrong cells and insert themselves into the DNA in the...

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