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Genisis Flood Essay

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The Genesis Flood
A man is told to build a ship to specific dimensions because God's going to flood the world. This man is known as Noah. Initially when Noah's ark is being discussed, the first thought that comes to mind is how he endured the 40 days and 40 nights of pouring rain with only his family and animals aboard the ship and at the end of the flood God put a rainbow in the sky promising to never flood the earth again, Right? But really, how did all the animals fit on the ark? How come the boat didn't sink with all the weight on it? And how could they survive on an ark for a total of 150 days? You may think it's not possible, but they all survived through all 40 days of the flood. Noah's ark survived because of the actuality of the amount of animals on the ship and the design and structure of the ship.
How could Noah's ark hold all of the species on the earth, its not possible? God ordered Noah, who was 600 years old, to come into the ark with his family and all the animals (Gen. 7:1-4, 6). Noah was to take two of every unclean animal and 7 of every kind of clean animal. The Bible states that there needs to be 2 of every species. In the Bible species means kind in today's everyday language. Instead of every species, God wanted Noah to have one of every mammal, bird, reptile, and amphibian. What that's really saying is not necessarily species but type/kind. So it's not like taking a pair of both white and orange tigers, really it's taking only one of the two creatures; either 2 white or 2 orange tigers. The ship could contain about 150,000 animals on the ark. In that time period there were about 72,000 land animals that were needed on the ark. Insects traveled among the sea, and many of the animals on the ship could have been in egg form. Also, these animals could have ranged in size and age causing less space for the animal to survive and more space for larger animals. The estimated total of the animals on the ark ranged from around 79,000 to 81,000. All...

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