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Geothermal Energy Essay

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Geothermal Energy
I chose to write about geothermal energy resources because while researching for this paper, I became interested in the topic and wanted to learn more.   Geothermal energy is earth heat, or humans taking heat from the ground to form energy. We have used geothermal energy for a long time using hot springs, but it was not until the 20th century we started using it for electricity (Geothermal Power). I will show how to convert geothermal energy into electricity, the advantages, disadvantages, and its feasibility for widespread use.
Geothermal energy is created by three different methods: dry steam, flash, and binary cycle. The method used depends on whether its steam or water and the temperature of the fluid. The first type of geothermal power generation plants built was dry steam power plants (Geothermal Energy). These dry steam plants use the steam from the geothermal reservoir as it comes from the wells, then through a turbine/generator and it produces the electricity. Then we have Flash steam plants which are the most common type of geothermal power plants in operation today. These types of plants use water that is hotter than 360 degrees. Then the water is pumped under high pressure to the surface of the generation equipment (Geothermal Power). The last type of geothermal power is binary cycle. These plants use water at lower temperatures usually between 225 degrees to 360 degrees. They use this heat to heat up a second liquid in separate pipes through the heat transfer (Arvizu). Now that we know what types of geothermal energy plants there are let me discuss the advantages of using this energy.
There are many advantages to using geothermal power. One of them is no need for fossil fuel, which means we are not buying fuel for heat or putting emissions in the air from the fuel (Darvill). Another advantage is the land required for geothermal power plants is the least per megawatt than most other power plants (Nemzer). Another important benefit...

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