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Get off the Road Essay

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Get off the Road

The laws governing the use of motor vehicles on our nation's roads are strict and specific, to protect the safety of all. Unfortunately, when it comes to elderly drivers, there are no precautions in place for our safety. Senior citizens, who cannot remember how to tie their shoes, let alone safely operate a 300-horsepower machine, are out on the roads putting all of us in danger.
There are simply situations that older drivers have issues coping with due to their depleted skill level. For one, older people are much more fragile than younger drivers. Statistically, older drivers (65+) are only the second most likely to get in a car accident. (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration).   Even given that young drivers are more likely to get into a wreck, older drivers are the most likely to get in a fatal accident. According to USA Today, between 1999 and 2004, Americans 85 and over accounted for four times as many motor vehicle deaths as Americans between 16 and 20, a group typically thought of as the most dangerous on the road. {Say Examples} Our nation has made the conscious decision to tell young people when, where and how they may drive; why not do this for old people also? These facts are certainly more important than older drivers simply being an annoyance on the road, and I assure you there are many more reasons.
My main problem with “old people” driving is that many of them don’t have the ability, reflexes, vision, and hearing to drive safely. Seniors are at an age when motor skills and hand-eye coordination begin to deteriorate. Airplane pilots are forced out of cockpits at 60 because their diminishing coordination can put the lives of others at risk. The same should apply to automobile drivers, because their decisions and actions on the road are not just affecting them, but all of us who use the road everyday. Unfortunately, under the current law, this is not the case. Teenagers are told when taking driver's education that...

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