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getting teens off the streets Essay

  • Submitted by: heemnjoc20
  • on February 23, 2009
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growing up on maui as a teenager i would say that my friends and i got

into quite a lot of trouble. for fun we would steal cars and ditch school to go the

beach in the day time, then when night fell we would drink and have a party in

the hood or at the beach with a bon fire set up. drinking and smoking became an

everyday part of our lives and it was a part of what we considered to be fun

besides all the vandalizing and loitering we did. my crazy friends and i would fight

other kids, steal cars, smoke weed,   go pool hopping, stay out past curfew, get

arrested, and piss our parents the heck off with our lifestyles just because we

didn't have anything better to do.

why didn't we have anything better to do? because we live on boring old

maui. maui is just basically a huge rock with the ocean surrounding it. this rock of

ours has nothing fun to do on it unless your a beach bum, so it's perfectly

understandable when a teen on this island goes from good to bad before the age

of thirteen. this island has one water park that i like to call whimpy, about five

malls that all have the same old crap, and a fun place to play glow putt that

happens to be all the way on the other side of the island from where i live. this

island is so boring, but it's still very beautiful and the place where my family and i

call home. that's why i know i just wouldn't be able to leave this place.

time went on and all of my friends and i had babies at young ages and we all

mellowed out because we learned our lessons. now that we have kids it makes

us realize that raising them on maui might be a challenge if this island doesn't

come up with new activities and recreation for kids to take part in and learn

from.main landers keep on taking our land to build thier immaculate homes here

on maui, but do they ever think about what's best for the locals and their kids? i...

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