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Ghost Chapter Essay

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  • on February 27, 2011
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In after Chapter 16, before Chapter 17
It was early in the day in April as Jalil was being driven to Kabul in his blue benz. He could already tell it was going to be hot. He was on his way to visit Mariam. He’d been looking forward to this day with a sense of hope, but also fear.   Just recently he’d found out from a doctor that he was going to die soon because of his weak heart. He knew then that he couldn’t put it off any longer he had to make things right with Mariam. He had already lost some of his children, he couldn’t leave his daughter separated from him and angry with him, he had to fix things.
Ever since she came to visit him and he didn’t let her in he’d felt ashamed. Then when he’d forced her to marry Rasheed and go to Kabul, and she told him to never visit he hadn’t ever forgiven himself. He was so shamed he could barely sleep when he saw someone fishing with their child or reading to their daughter a wave of shame would wash over him. Mariam was his daughter she should have come first over protecting his name, but today he thought he could try to make things right, he would go to her house and beg for her forgiveness. He prayed that she would be kinder than he had been and find a way to forgive him, and let him into her home introduce him to Rasheed and her kids if she had any, and that Mariam would talk with him and it would be just like it had been at first with the two of them, maybe they could even go fishing together.   His thoughts were interrupted by the driver, who said “Sir, We are here.”   Jalil replied “Thank you. You can go into town, but be back by nightfall.” The driver left and he took a moment trying to get the courage to go out there,wthen a man with his daughter on the back of his bike past and that gave him the courage to get out.
As he got out of the car if she would recognize him his hair was whit and he had to walk with a cane, he was wearing a suit with a red tie and glasses. He waited in front of the gate of the two story...

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