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Girl Essay

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As we go through life, certain people and surroundings will have an impact on the way we develop our understanding about life that influences us for a lifetime. The influence of family and culture in our everyday lives has been a repetitive cycle in every generation. Jamaica Kincaid’s poem, “Girl”, provides clear insight of a mother’s lifelong advice to her daughter to guide her on becoming a commendable woman. In the poem, a parent appoints her daughter what to do and how to do it. Based on the mother’s tone in the text, she wants to create a mirror-image of herself to her daughter.   Girls are often taught how to be inferior of boys by teaching them how to be the “typical” woman that stays home, cleans, and serve men. Families and cultures have a positive and negative impact in our lives that will seek to shape our identity.
Our families have served as role models that guide their children by giving them advice based on different situations. For example, the girl in the poem is constantly being told what to do and how to do it in a specific way. The mother teaches her daughter life lessons by telling her what to do, “this is how you sweep a corner, this is how you sweep a whole yard.” (352) Her mother is very strict about her doing the right thing based on what she says. In the poem, she does not let her daughter experience trial and error because she wants her daughter to learn from her experiences when she was growing up.   Similarly, today, daughters have been very well influenced by their mothers such as teaching them household chores more than their sons. Also many times, mothers are more sensitive to their daughters with making mistakes because women are supposed to be “pure”. They have created the image of how girls and women are supposed to act based on how they were raised by their mothers as well.
Certain influences and patterns have empowered and limited many children’s thoughts and their way of thinking in their lives. As the youngest and an only...

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