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First off, Dumbo was released in 1941. Long before the civil rights movement. Racism in this point in time really was normal. There was segregation in everything (even the military). It was a part in American culture. By calling Disney racist right now, with that logic, we could call all Whites racist as well because they USED to enslave Blacks and consider them property. Just because a being had racist tendencies in the past (and like I said above, that was pretty normal), doesn't mean that it is still racist.

The Jungle Book

This film came out in 1967. The American Civil Rights movement was going on from about 1955–1968. I dunno if you realise it, but there were still a lot of harsh feelings between Whites and Blacks. Besides, you yourself are generalising with it. You’re implying that just because one character does something, all people like that must do it. You’re just as bad as the entity that you are criticising. Disney doesn’t tell you how to think and feel. If you are unable to do that for yourself, that’s pathetic. For the rest, see above.

Chip and Dale Rescue Heroes

First off, it’s “Rescue RANGERS”. Secondly, you have to acknowledge that these are villains. If you had boring characters, that didn’t have something terrible about them (talking about the UNsanitary Laundromat with illegal gambling in the basement) then the story is boring and would loose interest. And as far as the Asian accents go, how many Asians have you run into with really bad English? I’m not try to be prejudice here, but a good chunk of Asians that I’ve met and had to work with in the past, do end up speaking “Engrish”. As I said before, with generalising all of this stuff, you’re just as bad as those you are trying to criticise.

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