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Global Warming (Al Gore) Essay

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Is Global Warming Our Own Creation?
I always liked Al Gore.   Once I heard about his movie about global warming I had to Netflix it. I am only recently coming around to the view that we are destroying our planet.   However this class and this movie have aided in my studies on this subject. An Inconvenient Truth is a film centered on Gore's famous global warming stance. In the movie Gore claims that we are gambling with “…our ability to live on planet Earth." In this paper I will take a look at some of the evidence and critique it with the other side of the argument that the film fails to mention.
In the movie Gore spends a lot of time talking about the ice caps.   He says that sea level might raise 40 feet over the next hundred years. Computer maps show plays like Florida going under water.   I found all this stuff frightening and I’m sure it’s a concern for Geologists.   However, my own research showed that sea level only rose 7 inches over the past 100 years thus Al Gore’s prediction seemed aggressive. I di learn that Greenland’s ice sheet might melt away in 500 to 1000 years (http://www.skepticalscience.com/stable-greenland-ice-sheet.htm). However that’s a long way off and our climate may change yet again before we get there.   Gore’s movie also stated that our great glaciers are melting because of rising temperature due to fossil fuel use.   However he fails to mention that Glacier ice is also losing ground because of changing rainfall patters unrelated to temperature. There is now doubt that global warming is happening on a small scale (but it might not be as big an issue nor for the reasons Al Gore thinks).   A Russian study found that over 5000 years ago temperatures in Siberia warmed up by 9 degrees long before fossil fuels existed (http://www.waldwissen.net/themen/umwelt_ landschaft/co2_klimaschutz/wsl_klima_ sibirien_EN).   Science has suggested that this is due to changes in the earth's rotation around the sun.   In the movie Gore goes on to state that we are...

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