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Global Warming Debate Report

  • Submitted by: timjohnson99
  • on February 27, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Global Warming Debate Report
In this debate, we discussed if human are the primary cause of global warming.

The side that was for humans being the cause of global warming said that ‘the causes for global warming is that humans are giving off far too many greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and these gases are trapping the suns rays inside and therefore the world is getting hotter, these can not only cause temperature change, they can also cause hurricanes, tornados and earthquakes. These can all have catastrophic effects on people’s lives and global warming causes all this. There is lots of evidence that supports this, for example, there has been a sharp increase in the mean temperature in the past 100 years and the ten hottest years on record have all been in the past 14 years. These both suggest that temperatures have increased in a similar way that the population has increased. They also said that the ice caps are melting which is harming the wildlife and could raise sea levels. The increase in co2 could also cause acid rain, which could harm buildings and plants. Some other evidence that would suggest that humans are responsible for global warming is that recently, precipitation falls in bigger and faster loads than before, this could cause flash flood and harmful acid rain showers. Some solutions that governments have made are the Kyoto protocol and managing population increase.’

Yet on the other side, the opposition said that humans weren’t the primary source of global warming. They said that, ‘Global warming isn’t the human’s fault, It is all natural. For example the world was actually hotter 1,000 years ago, the temperatures were hotter in the medieval warming period than in the 1900’s. and the ice cap aren’t disappearing, there was been more ice in the Antarctic sea than 1979. The earth’s surface isn’t actually heating, the 1990s and the 1930s were hotter than the 20th century. And the temperatures are in fact still dropping. NASA scientists have...

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