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Global Warming: Natural Or Man-Made Essay

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Global Warming: Natural, or man made?

    Global warming is one of the most important, and most heard about topics of the modern world. Many of the decisions we make in our daily lives are affected by the thought of global warming, and the effects it will have on our planet if we proceed to live as carlessly and greedily as we do now. It is a very controversial topic that spurs a lot of debate. Personally i think that it is a natural process that we are rapidly speeding up with our lavish lifestyles.

    Everybody had heard the terms greenhouse gasses. When this term is heard immediately, images of pollution and industry som to mind, and the idea that these are terrible things that must be eradicated from the earths atmosphere. Although throughout time, even before there was life, greenhouse gasses have been present. These Certain gasses are vital to create conditions able to hold life. They trap infared light radiation that the sun delivers, and stops all of it reflecting it off the earth and escaping back into space. Since it is trapped it warms the earth, keeping a constant temperature to accomodate life's   needs. naturally as organisms die and decompose certain gasses such as carbon dioxide an methane are given off. These two gasses are the most harmful to our environment and the ones that we try to cut down. On our planet this happens at a very fast rate so it is only logical that a lot of these gasses are given off. This, combined with respiration, or breathing, of every organism on the planet, the volumes of natural greehouse gasses created give a very reasonable explanation to the greenhouse effect of our earth overheating.

    Although, it cannot be disputed that we are adding considerably to the natural amount of greenhouse gasses that should be present, though industry, transport and domestic uses. This is why sea levels have risen due to melting ice caps and glaciers. In the past 100 years, global sea levels have been rising at about 2...

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