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Godard And The Attack Of The Bourgeoisie Essay

  • Submitted by: baza
  • on March 1, 2011
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Often times, people tend to view cinema with a passive attitude, getting lost in a narrative offering a typical structure where the audience lives vicariously. These elements of escapism are generally seen in most American Hollywood productions sometimes referred to through loose jargon as ‘conveyer belt’ films. Essentially meaning large studios put very little thought or conceptual ideas, and lots of money into making as many accessible films as possible. In most cases, particularly in the arts, European works tend to speak to audiences in a much different language than that of North American. During the late 1950’s a new film language had developed within France offering what many would argue to be, the antithesis of American Hollywood cinema. This was known as, the French New Wave. Jean Luc Godard was a major contributor to this movement using his films as an extension of his essay writing. Films like Weekend, Alphaville and Une Femme est Une Femme were certainly commenting on a social class system, and were heavily focused around understanding a concept as opposed to simply being entertained. He tends to present Hollywood as being apart of the bourgeois lifestyle and critically attacks it using several different methods. Godard's attack on the bourgeoisie thematically, not only represents Marxist ideologies in favour of the proletariat, but also works in harmony with his stylistic approach to a notion of ‘anti-hollywood’ filmmaking.
The term ‘anti-Hollywood’ must be approached with severe caution, as Godard’s films don’t overtly characterize themselves as being ‘anti-Hollywood’ however he offers the audience everything that classical American films don’t. Godard approaches his films with a larger picture in mind than just a basic storyline. His films are meant to be talked about critically and academically well after a screening. His obvious technical elements connect to his thematic ones as well. Looking closely at his film Weekend, we as the audience are...

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