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Gold Coast Essay

  • Submitted by: scrizzy3
  • on December 4, 2011
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The Gold Coast, it sounds so remarkable, a place where any person will dream to grow up. A place where there are no limitations to what you can be.   A place which is ranked one of the highest income counties in the United States. The Gold Coast is no other than Fairfield County.   This place is one of the only places I know.   This is my home, which means I should have every opportunity out there, but it seems as it is actually harder for a person of my demographics. While I come from what may seem to be a great place it’s never that easy. Ever since I was a child I swore that I will make it. I will leave this place and never turn back. Although there is a lot of money in this area my city is always left out. Bridgeport, Ct is the black sheep, and anyone who comes out of this city is labeled. It sounds crazy but this is what I learned to see as the reality.   It is clear to see that nobody cares about you simply by entering one of the high schools in Bridgeport. Compared to neighboring towns of Trumbull and Fairfield Bridgeport high school graduates do not have as many opportunities.   Not only do the high schools not prepare you for the college world they don’t prepare you for the real world. Even though I fell victim to this harsh area I will make it.   My first step to my success story was graduating high school with honors. The next step to reach my goals will be to attend a 2 year college which I can then transfer to a 4 year university. After I have completed my post secondary education it is my dream to become a Connecticut State Trooper. Although I have been a victim of adversity I will strive to not be another statistic. With the right mindset I will be what I want to be, Successful.

                                                                                                                            De Jesus 2
As it may be clear to you I was the first person to ever graduate high school in my family. It’s not like my family is filled with a whole...

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