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Good Essay

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Anthropology 41A
“The orient express” claims that civilization began first in Mesopotamia, then went West Civilization improved as it moved West, Therefore, to the East and south people were “UnCivilized”
Perspective generally claims that there were four great civilizations in the past.
1.Baby Lon(In Iraq) 2. Medio-persia(In Iran)
3. Greeks- Alexander the Great   4. Romans-Julius Caesar, Pompei            
The Bible Focused on Floor Empires that profoundly influenced the Jews
1. BabyLon destory solomon’s temple-took Jews captive
2. Persians-allowed Jews to rebuild temple-return to Jerusalem
3. Greeks ruled the Jews until the Jewish rebellion
4. Romans re-conquered the Jews under Julius Caesar- Romans destroyed their temple again!
Blaut, “The European miracle”- Blaut claims that many scholars have claimed that Europe was somehow innately better than the rest of the world.

Greeks vs Persians 300 refers to an army of 300 Greeks from Sparta (Leader-Leonidas)
Persians led by king XerXes.
History Ocraphy-“Writing of History”
Western historioc raphy is often a “Meta narrative” Blaut warns that western historiographic
Meta narratives often telescope history

The Western Meta narrative of History
1. Cities Est. In Mesopotamia-Birthplace of civilization.
2. Formation of the BabyLonian Empire
3. Persian Empire
4. Greek Empire
5. Roman Empire
6. Medieval   Period- fall of Rome-Dark ages-1000 period of supposed “cultural stagnation
7. The Renaissance “ ReBirth- a rediscouery of Greek   & Roman civilization
8. European colonization-Europe “Spread” Civilization to the rest of the world

“Signs” of Civilization
1. Cities- Populous urban centers
2. Intensive Agriculture
3. Written system for language
4. Use of metallurgy
- a number of political, social& religious developments were taking place
Greece- Socrates, Anaxagoras(theory of the atom), Pythagoras(study of math,...

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