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good quotes Essay

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  • on March 8, 2009
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Don't Judge. Just Listen

++About: The process of living.

--Loves: Sunshine. Laughing. Living.

++Dislikes: Liars. Fakes. Fat.

--Beliefs: Lyrics save. Quotes understand. Pictures portray.

I realize now that everybody lies.
Seriously. Everybody

I've also come to realize that even though everybody lies...you should still trust.

Continuing on... :)

I'm easily irritated.
&& I easily forget

I'm always on the edge.
Drastic. Dramatic. Dangerous.

Volleyball sustains every aspect of my life.

I'm completley indecisive

I've loved & learned.
&& Then I have loved && learned some more.

I'm not upset or bitter that I've been hurt in the past. I'm entirely sure I have hurt others too.
What I am...is grateful. Because I was given the opportunity to love, and took it. I attempted the jump (plenty of times), && even though I still fell on my face...
At least I know EVEN better now, what jumps not to take.

It's kind of like a live & learn process.

And I owe my mother everything. She's the one person I know I can call crying and she'll talk the sense back into me. I'm not a hopeless romantic
In fact... I'm not big into romance at all.

Just give me something real.

I can't stand people who lie to me.
So Don't.
Fool me once...Shame on You.
Fool me twice...Shame on Me.
But...It's very easy to fool me twice. Because I always want to forgive.

Not much more has to be said.

Time heals everything.
Patience is a virtue.
But I'm horrible at waiting.

I'm impulsive & rash.
Making decisions based on my feelings && not thinking it through.

I don't ask for much in any relationship...
Except for complete honesty

I'm not big into the Here & Now
I dream of what can be, what should be, and what I want

I live my own life.
Don't try to tell me what to do.
I am absolutely horrible when it comes to listening to "authority".

But that's just me

Lord grant...

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