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Google Essay

  • Submitted by: annmunchh
  • on December 6, 2011
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Google is now nearly at top stage of cycle growth of their company. As reported by   Search Share in United State Search Core Engines   for July 2008, Google has conquered the search engines websites by prevailing 62% of all searchers. They might have succeeded to achieve until this level but no doubt, they are still facing a lot of problems By just searching Google’s problem in Google itself, millions of article regarding their problem will be listed in just a few second. This shows that Google is really facing a lot of problem.
One of the problem which Google is currently facing is the issue regarding   fragmentation for Android. Android claims that the fragmentation caused was due to Google. However, Eric Schmidt, chief of Google has refused that the problem is anyway related to them. Besides, Google is being sued by Oracle claiming that there are Java related copyrights within Android. Oracle added that Google purposely contravened Oracle’s property in order to develop Android platform. Furthermore, Google is also facing a problem related to their AdWords where click fraud occurred in their pay per click online advertisement. As reported by Mediapost, 123 Lock & Key , a Seattle based locksmith company sued Google over click fraud which is also the fist click fraud lawsuit against Google within 5 years starting 2006. Facebook is said to give Google a very strong competitive power that they themselves needs to admit about. Facebook is attacking Google in way angles, therefore Google need to overcome those problems in order to maintain the reputation as the top company. At the beginning of this year, Google has closed down their company from one of the biggest market and most potential country   which is China. This is because of the web censorship that needs to be applied in their country. Google argued over the issues which require them to compromise their principles on free speech. Referring to the free of speech, Google have been shoot with a lots of...

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