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Government Essay

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The United States government was founded in order to respectively give the three branches which consist of the legislative branch, the judicial branch and the executive branch, equal amount of power. The equal in power is also known as checks and balances. In present time the government is corrupted in the views of many citizens and to others it can’t be any better. In my opinion I think the government is somewhat corrupted and should have a fair amount of power in the two types of government: Federal and State.
The Federal government should have a decent amount of power. Many people believe that the government should not have any type of power and others think the exact opposite. My opinion says that the government should have a fair amount of power. They should have the right to enforce laws, to PROTECT the people’s interests and needs! Also to defend the so called “Rights” of the people. The United States government should not have the right to interfere with other nation’s/country’s laws, politics or declare war without the consent of the people/citizens and mostly the president. The Federal government should also be in charge of the laws and rules that affect the country in a whole.
The state government should be in charge of the health care. Health care is a big issue in present time mostly because of the cost and the state should be able to help reduce the cost at the least. State should also have the right to enforce state laws such as driving age, state sales tax, drinking age, tattooing age, etc. The state government should also be in charge of education I like how it is cheaper if you go to a college in state. Every state has different laws and ideas, and I think this is fair.
We the people of the United States have the right to vote. The constitution gives us freedom, and a fair government. And it’s our responsibility to respect and help as much as we can like to take the time to vote for the leader of our country, Jury duty, community...

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