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Grapple Gently Essay

  • Submitted by: mrburgundy
  • on March 3, 2011
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As life is squeezed from one’s body they learn that the more helpless they are, the more knowledge they must seek. Brazilian Jui Jitsu (BJJ) has been part of my life in some shape or form for seventeen years. I’ve learned more than being a meathead and a danger to society however, as it gives me room to breathe as the space around me feels sucked dry by reality. It’s simply my escape. Anger, frustration, enjoyment, competitiveness, energy, and accomplishment are all left on the mat while the knowledge remains in me. It’s an ever evolving plethora of information that progresses only as much its’ students are willing to take it, much like life.  
While I can’t say where my passion for man on man violence started, it may be traced from possible over-exposure of Vann Dam movies and Sgt. Slaughter frequenting both morning cartoons and mid-day “boot-camp” matches. My brother is more than a decade older than I, so I always had someone to roughhouse with and rent awesome eighties’ action flicks as a small child. My mother wasn’t fond of my ninja spin kicks off of her furniture due to detest for hospital bills. I didn’t get to do martial arts as a child, just football, which doesn’t work well when your kneepads hang lower than your ankles. In her mind head-to-head collisions were safer, obviously, than doing martial arts. Go America!
November 12, 1993 was the day my first chest hair popped out of my scrawny frame. The Gracie family, founders of Brazilian Jui Jitsu, created the first Ultimate Fighting Championship. Their own sacrifice to the cage was a family member selected for his unintimidating appearance and nonviolent demeanor. He was the lightest contestant in a tournament with no weight classes. Eye gouges, biting, and fishhooks…yes fishhooks, I don’t get it either, were the only illegal weapons. Everything should have been against Royce Gracie, yet I watched in awe as he wrangled humans in a twisted cage rodeo. If the fighters became entangled at all, the fight was...

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