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Great American Melting Pot Review

  • Submitted by: fkhan3
  • on December 6, 2011
  • Category: English
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From the Great American Melting Pot to Critical Thinker
I chose to write about topic two because it stuck out to me the most, and defines who I have become as a reader and writer, and thinker.   There is one assignment that has contributed to the way I approach writing, read writing, and critically think about situations, before I say or write something I may regret. This phenomenon occurred after reading The Great American Melting Pot, which told edited versions of our American history, and left out key minority figures that founded this land. This in turn may have left us, the future society ignorant to our own society’s cultures and prone to stereotypical racism.
      I never looked at stereotyping as a form of racism, in fact on a regular basis without even thinking about it, I would take part in this rude dilemma for no apparent reason.   The key to my dilemma, I realized was my own sheer ignorance. I laughed at stupid racist jokes, and labeled groups based on society’s disgusting perceptions of them.   My thinking process began to change as I peered into the looking glass of myself.   I being of minority culture should clearly know that the ugly labels and personas we inflict on different groups of people without even knowing them is racist!   You might as well judge the book by its cover, or better yet paint the cover all white with nothing on it and then judge it. Because when you stereotype someone without even knowing them, you are looking at nothing but a big blank. You fail to see that individual’s intellects, character, attributes, or any other qualities they may have. Being a writer, I want people to see this quality in me, within my writings.
Because of this new thinking, I believe that I have become more of a sophisticated writer as well as a critical reader. When I write something, I try to make sure I am not offending anyone, or using any type of derogatory comments about one’s race, religion, or culture. I want to keep the focus of my audience,...

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