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Great Grandad Essay

  • Submitted by: dayswithtucker
  • on February 27, 2011
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The heat started to creep up from my toes until I could feel a burning sensation flood my cheeks. I knew I was not feeling embarrassed though; who gets embarrassed at a hospital? The feeling I was experiencing was a giant twisted knot in my stomach. I had never been to a hospital before, and couldn’t recall ever having such an overwhelming sense of sadness. My whole family was here; mom, grandma, aunts, uncles, siblings, cousins. Of course my dad wasn’t because he left when I was only 5.
Pushing through the door marked “Herbertson” we entered the room in single file. Only the rushing of our muddy feet against the cold tile floors and the pumping of the respirator machine were heard as everyone kept silently to themselves.   Watching quietly as my Grandma, Great Aunt and Mother walked over to the bedside I noticed what the respirator machine was doing for my Great Granddad; it was breathing for him.
My sister and I were not told much as we sat quiet and patiently while people leaned in and talked to the absent minded body laying there. Neither of us was quite sure as to why we were here, but our mom told us it was important that we came in support of our family. As we stood in the background, almost as if we were background noise to a horror movie. Normally the two of us could not be in the same room together because we weren’t the type of sisters you normally encounter. We had a very love hate relationship.
Casually, I looked over at my mom and noticed tears leaking down her face. She had Granddad’s hand in hers and she was whispering the words, “I forgive you” into his ear. Abruptly Granddad’s hand grasped around my mom’s and he motioned her to lean close to his mouth. He had something important to tell her. Everyone staring, mouths open and eyes wide we all listened intently to hear what Granddad needed to say, to know what had brought him out of the dead like state he was in.
“My dear Suzy,” the words cracked through his mouth, “I know that I hurt you...

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