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greed Essay

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The Interesting Facts of Greed
Greed is such a nasty little word, wouldn’t a person think? When a person thinks of greed, he may think of selfishness and money. Greed means much more than that. The actual definition of greed is a selfish desire for more of something than is needed. The world has become more and more greedy.
For example, people always want more. When people win the lottery, just having the money is not enough.   They spend all of the money they have won in their good fortune, and they end up going bankrupt. There is no limit for some people, and they can never be satisfied. Greed is not a good characteristic that a person would want people to describe them as. When a person hears of others being described as greedy, he almost always thinks badly of them or frowns upon them.
Another good example of greed would be in Shakespeare’s Macbeth. When the witches told Macbeth his future, it stuck in his mind; he could not get past his greed and selfishness. He was crowned the Thane of Cawdor, but that was not enough for Macbeth. He wanted the prediction of him becoming king to come true immediately. In order for Macbeth to be king at that time, he had to kill his king, which he did. Once again, that was not enough for Macbeth. The witches predicted that Banquo would be a father of an heir. This worried Macbeth, so he had Banquo killed and attempted to kill Fleance, Banqou’s son. Nothing was satisfying Macbeth.
Another example of greed is one that a friend told me happened in his family. In this story there are grandparents who are kind of selfish with their money, but also a grandson who is very greedy. The story involves two cousins named Jared and Kyley (who were 5 to 6 years old at the time) and how greed affected them.   One day they were working for their grandparents at their house by cutting down trees. While working all day, they talked about how much money they would get and what they would do with it.   Jared wanted to buy a mini bull dozer so...

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