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Groove Essay

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  • on December 7, 2008
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Research Paper: Groove
What exactly does groove mean?   Groove is a word of many meanings that derive from Dutch backgrounds and contain multiple definitions. Groove can be defined in two ways, one as a word of slang, and one as a means of indentation, or as fitting by means of a groove.
The golden age of jazz, where the slang word groove began to emerge, roughly about the nineteen thirties.   Jazz a new type of music that barely started developing; the sort of music that gave people the thought of enjoying themselves. Groove can be defined as a fixed routine; in this case it’s dancing or wagging fingers to the beat of the music.   Emily Dickinson helps us understand the definition more clearly in her poem “The Single Hound” (Dickinson).   In her poem she states how “the brain within its groove, runs evenly and true […]” this metaphor meant that the brain runs in a groove, a movement of thinking.   French novelist, philosopher, and dramatist, Jean-Paul Sartre gives us an example of   the word groove in “The Files” (Sartre) where he states “now our feet press down on the earth like the wheels of a cart in its groove.” He describes the movement of the cart with the word groove.  
When most of us think of groove, we think of the seventies where hippies were everywhere and tie dye shirts were “groovy” so to speak.   Groovy was slang for what people now know as “cool” or “neat.”   Many young people used “groovy” among their friends as slang. In a way groovy had built off of the meaning of a good time and evolved into an adjective that described someone or something and not a movement or type of music.  
Groove: the bed of a stream or river, also known as a canal, in which two bodies of water are separated.   This term was used much differently then in the nineteen thirties and seventies, the meaning obviously differs from what it meant then and how it is used when describing a canal.   First coined with the meaning of a rut or canal around seventy eighty seven and used...

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