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the Guillotine Essay

  • Submitted by: bronco16
  • on December 11, 2008
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The Guillotine in France was one of Europe’s bloodiest and most gruesome icons. Although created for good intentions, this machine was associated with unprecedented events;   The French Revolution was a product of mayhem which was sparked by uncontrollable predicaments (Mills). Passionate idealist tried to resolve it in the best way they thought possible, but they only managed to fuel   the French Revolution. The Revolution developed gradually into larger phases. At first it was minute, and then it mutated into an overwhelming problem, but it was finally brought to an abrupt halt by the manifestation of the Guillotine (Kaiser). The potent presence of the Guillotine refrained many people from taking action such as the Sans Cullotes, the Jacobins and in doing so it gradually created political and social stability.
In many occasions the presence of violence in a society is due to situations not being able to be compromised. France population had become overpopulated while the demand for food started to become a pressing necessity throughout the society (Mills). Agriculture was a crucial part in France’s financial profit which was plummeting rapidly, and the involvement in The Seven Year War, as well as the American Revolution had its negative impact on   finances as well. Leaving France stranded in debt civil unrest began, and the country was forced to approach the matter at hand by creating new rules;   Social and political rules were re analyzed immediately by legislature.
The use of the Guillotine became one of the new rules implemented into daily life by suggestion to the legislative assembly of   France by its founder, Dr. Joseph Ignace Guillotin, in 1789 (Fr. Kiss).   The doctor recommended to the assembly, that the idea of a quick “lightning” like death that involves no torture should be the only method of execution.   The assembly took this into consideration and agreed that it may be the only humane way to detach ones head from its body, for all other methods...

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