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Guilt Essay

  • Submitted by: mar1974
  • on February 25, 2011
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There have been many different views on the film “What I want my words to do you” by Eve Ensler. As I watched the film many thoughts went running through my head.   At first I tried to connect myself with the different women and the different stories. Within the film I tried to gasp what was there real guilt towards the crime they have committed. Even though they didn’t or did what was there real reason behind it. Though they have and wrote all their feelings and express them in different ways I could really feel any guilt in their stories. All the stories in the film are supposed to have a relation to guilt. The only thing I saw and heard is why the women committed the crime they did. Some women were confused by their actions, but is that really guilt?
Guilt to me is a word that means that you feel bad about something that u did wrong or you it is wrong. I then tried to put myself in their position as with the pranks I committed. The question I asked myself was if my guilt was really a real guilt. Was the prank that I committed that serious? If I could re write and express the feelings I had, what would they be? What would be the real guilt behind everything I did? Would they as hurtful as theirs? As I did more research on the writer behind what the real reasons were for the film I got the sense that she wanted these women not to feel guilt. Not to feel guilt on what they did but to find the real reason why they did what they did. Just by finding the reasons why they did but to face it and admit that they had a good reason. The whole point of the tittle of the movie of what I want my words to do to you. The tittle is self-explanatory in my case. It’s not the women’s actions that speak loudly in the film, instead is their words. They express of what they want that other significance person to hear of feel. Feel the guilt they had for many years of them wondering and thinking of what they really are.
I tried to put connections of myself with them. It wasn’t easy...

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