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gun control Essay

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The movie that we have watched in class on June 18th, 2009 was called Bowling for Columbine. This film was a documentary by Michael Moore about gun violence in America. In the film, there are a lot of questions that are raised such as; why does the United States have such a bad reputation of gun violence, and why are we the only country in the nation that has issues with gun violence? Michael Moore also focuses on what were some causes for the Columbine High School massacre and other causes of violence with guns. Michael Moore also compares gun ownership and gun violence in other countries, but focuses more on Canada. The most significant point here is that in Canada there are 7 million gun owners, and fewer than 100 related deaths. Moore discovers that there is a fear created by the government and media here in America.   The argument that Michael Moore uses is that gun violence in America is getting out of control. He uses many examples such as the Columbine survivors and takes them into Kmart, and also shows us examples from other countries as well.
My personal opinion about gun control is that guns are made for one purpose, and that purpose is to kill. Guns are dangerous in the hands of people who do not know how to use them, such as kids, teenagers, and also for people who are mentally ill, and that have temper problems. I feel that it is very easy for anyone to get access to guns. This combined with an unhealthy approach to gun conflict resolution is what causes so many people in America, both young and old to die from gunshot wounds. Therefore, I am in favor of very strict gun control and removal of guns from the hands of criminals. I also think that since there are so many people getting killed with guns, the government should not sell guns to just anyone. They should only be sold to police officials, someone in the military, or someone that is in the government and is mentally stable. I feel that the only way that we can prevent guns from getting into the...

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