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Gun Issue Targets Hutchens Essay

  • Submitted by: quoc10
  • on December 8, 2008
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Below is an essay on "Gun Issue Targets Hutchens" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

In Orange County, California, gun permit (CCW - Carry a Concealed Weapon) requirements have become a controversial issue according to Orange County Register columnist Gordon Dillow’s article “Gun permits a loaded issue”.   Dillow discusses how county sheriff or local police can set his or her own CCW policies according to California’s law.   Therefore, Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens plans to draft new, more restrictive CCW policies.   Dillow asserts that among other things, the new policies can make her a less favorable candidate in the next election.   Dillow also mentions how the former Sheriff Mike Carona increased the number of CCW permits from 200 to 1100 for political popularity.   During Carona’s administration, he eased the restrictions by allowing citizens who transport valuable equipment to obtain a permit for a gun.   Now with Hutchens in office, she will review all CCWs issued and revoke those that do not have legitimate need under her new guidelines.   Dillow concludes that CCW policies should be less restrictive for law-abiding citizens who have gone through proper training.   Even though Dillow says that the CCW policies should be less restrictive and it’s not politically wise for Hutchens to raise the threshold, he lacks data to support his believes; therefore, he fails to notice the possible consequences if the CCW policies are less restrictive and the possibility that Hutchens’ new polices might help her gain more supporters and create a safer community.
Dillow has a valid point that the current gun policy’s strictness is sufficient and shouldn’t be raised, but he lacks the supporting details.   In the article, Dillow states, “the 2nd Amendment doesn’t simply give law-abiding Americans the right to keep arms.   With some reasonable restrictions, it also gives us the right to bear them” (Dillow).   Currently, to obtain a CCW permit, one has to be trained and must fall under one of the following categories: judges and prosecutors, reserve police...

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