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Gunsss Essay

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What comes to mind when we hear the word gun? Do we feel exciment and joy? Hopefully the answer to that was a no. Guns themselves are not dangerous; the thing that makes them dangerous is the person who has possession of the gun. Many deaths are caused each year by accidental and potential shootings. A way that we could possibly stop some of these deaths is to ban the ownership of guns in the United States. Some people believe that banning guns is banning the second amendment to our Constitution (The right to possess and carry guns). Another reason people think that guns should not be banned because they are used for hunting. Then again what about the many people that die each year from a firearm?
Anyone around us at anytime or anywhere could have a gun. We could be enjoying a nice dinner and everyone around us could possess a gun on them. It may be hard to believe but it is true. Sometimes though guns get in the wrong hands like it does in this story. In 2010 a nine year old girl was shot and killed in Tucson, Arizona. She had been shot in the chest while her neighbor was taking her to an event. "She went to learn ... and then someone with so much hatred in their heart took the lives of innocent people," says Roxanna Green, the victim’s mother.   This is a reason why if guns were banned situations like these would not happen. That is just one example of many homicides that involve firearms. Another example of this is when a mother of two young children was shot to death leaving the five and three year old girls abandoned. In 2006 there were 12,791 homicides in the U.S. If we were to ban guns maybe incidents like this would not be happening and the number of homicides each year would go down.

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