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Hackers; Being Chased For Their Intelligence And Simplicity Essay

  • Submitted by: ifs_420
  • on December 3, 2008
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Below is an essay on "Hackers; Being Chased For Their Intelligence And Simplicity" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

We humans have a natural tendency to differentiate things and people into good and bad. Evolution of computers and E-systems has been on the good side and are things that we are proud of. There is a darker side to it which we all know as hacking. The moment we hear the work hacking or hacker, we think it is related cyber crime. The word ‘hack’, according to BBC is an invention of Massachusetts Institute of technology. The word hack simply meant ‘elegant, witty or inspired way of doing almost anything’. It was invented in early 1990 and under the term hack, students played pranks throughout campus (BBC, history).
It is very strange to know that the people involved in this culture never kept or bothered about their so called today’s name ‘hacker’. It is a name given to them by media, computer experts and research institutes. Even today, there are disputes about the name of culture. Some argue that the word hack relates to a mid-sized horse in historical English and is derived from the French word haquenée (Wiki, hacker culture). The others who oppose to this are people from technical cultures in mostly research institutes such as MIT, Stanford etc. These cultures maintain a computer slang database known as Jargon File which includes a dictionary explaining all computer related norms. But, hacking as a matter of fact never started with computers. The process of cheating and fraud through technology began with telephones. It began in 1960’s when public telephone and fax machines became popular (Wiki, hacker culture). Then as the computer generation emerged, hackers diverted to it as it was a huge source for exploration and had very good chances of being the lifelines of companies and people in future. From here, the hacking culture came into existence and spread rapidly.
The most interesting and amazing thing I find about hackers and hacking culture is their anonymity. They reside in the midst of us, yet can be unknown for a lifetime. They either work alone at...

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