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Hamlet Essay

  • Submitted by: dragonlungs1
  • on December 5, 2011
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Jessica Findley
Mrs. Grimaldi
English p.3
In the book Hamlet some say he is either predestined to his fate or he alone is responsible for his downfall.   I believe Hamlet’s death is because it was predestined and from his actions.   In the beginning of the story Hamlet’s death is predestined but as the story goes on it becomes more of his actions. I believe everyone’s fate is predestined. Then there are some decisions people make which can make the outcome of their life change.
When King Hamlet dies Claudius takes over and already wants Hamlet out. Hamlet has done nothing to make people hate him. Claudius just wants him out so he can be the ruler of the kingdom.   Even though Hamlet shows no sign of wanting to take over Claudius is still out to get Hamlet. Then after when Hamlet sees a ghost things start to change Hamlet becomes crazy and he acts very strange. Claudius becomes more paranoid that people may find out he killed his brother.   This made Claudius want to get rid of Hamlet even more but he could not kill Hamlet without a reason.
Then when Hamlet decides to be very bold and put on a play of his father’s death he is in for some serious consequences.   When Hamlet directs the play and is able to see the Claudius really did kill Hamlet the whole kingdom knows something is going wrong. Also Gertrude begins to realize maybe Hamlet is not all that crazy and it is alright he is still mourning over his father’s death.   Now that Hamlet has made it public that Claudius has murdered someone Hamlet life is over.   Then to make matters worse by killing Polonius Laertes wants revenge. Laertes believes in an eye for an eye situation. So they decide to duel it out and they both end up dead because of their actions.
I believe my life is planned out. Everything is set in stone except some of my decisions that I make that may change my life completely.   I am faced with decisions everyday and I know what is wrong and what is right. But those times that I chose the...

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