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Hamlet 76-128 Essay

  • Submitted by: kgodreau
  • on December 6, 2011
  • Category: Shakespeare
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Hamlet: Act I, Scene II Lines 76-128

Hamlet. “Seems,” mother? not seems, it is, I do not know why you say “seems.”
My good mother, it is neither my dark clothes, nor my dejected sighs, nor the tears that linger in my eyes or the permanent expression of gloom on my face, nor any other exhibition of grief I may show that will truly display how I feel; these may indeed “seem” like actions of grief, for they are expressions one may use, but I have more grief on the inside than could ever be shown on the surface.

King. It is sweet and admirable of you, Hamlet, to mourn your father with such dedication: but you must know that your father lost a father, and your grandfather before him lost a father, and each son was obligated as family to mourn for a certain term; but, to persist in stubborn lamentation is just being sacrilegiously relentless, it is unmanly, it goes against God’s will, and reveals a heart that is vulnerable and a weak mind, even the most uneducated are aware that death is a natural part of life, and must come to be for all of us, why should we take it personally? Shame! it is disrespectful to the dead, to nature, to heaven! It is the way the world is that all fathers must die. We beg of you to stop this useless mourning, and think of us as your family: for let all the world be aware, you are the next in line to the throne, and I will dispose to you no less than the love that dearest father gives to his son. As for your intentions to return to school in Wittenberg, we would much prefer if you stayed here, and we ask you, beg of you, to remain here in our company as our chief member of the court, cousin, and now our son.

Queen. Please do not break your mother’s heart, Hamlet: I beg you, stay here with us; do not return to Wittenberg.

Hamlet. I will try my absolute best to obey you, mother.

King. Your answer shows your love. Come now, my lovely wife; as Hamlet has willingly agreed to stay in Denmark I am delighted, and in celebration...

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