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Hamlet Fences comparison Essay

  • Submitted by: invumuwtw182
  • on February 17, 2009
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William Shakespeare's Hamlet and August Wilson's Fences are built upon father-son relationships.   Both plays show a connection between father and son that overrides any other power, whether fought for through murder or through something as simple as a cold-hearted attitude.   While Claudius and Troy share selfish, lustful roles and refuse to realize the potential of a loved one because that would mean accepting their own misfortune, both characters will strive to maintain their ultimate goal of a life filled with power and deceit.   Besides the obvious socioeconomic status differences between the two families in each play, there is a similar story told behind each but they are shown through different perspectives and to contrasting extents.  
In Hamlet, Claudius' character is developed into a shrewd and conniving one.   Following the murder of his brother and marriage to Gertrude, his ex-sister-in-law, Claudius only thinks of himself and not that of the people living in the country he now rules, Denmark or even his loved ones surrounding him.   Shortly after Hamlet accidentally killed Polonius with Gertrude in the room, Claudius could only wonder what if he had been in the room too; what would have happened to him?   This only proves his selfish existence.  
Claudius, like Troy in Fences has an ultimate goal to control everyone and feel on top of the world, or so it seems.   Each of the characters will do whatever it takes to maintain authority over people, even if it means crushing children's dreams in life or murdering a brother and seeking to kill a nephew in order to make sure everything is where he wants it.   It is as if both Claudius and Troy live in fictitious worlds where nothing matters but what they believe and want.   If someone or something stands in the way, it won't for long.   Both have an inability to accept others beliefs or ways of life if they, in any way, disagree with their own philosophies.   In Fences, Troy refuses to let Cory play football...

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