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hamlets secret diary Essay

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  • on February 3, 2009
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Hamlets secret diary

Act 1 scene 5 1822 November 19th
Tis thou days of days were my father's ghost walks the earth seeking my contact.   is thou my farther ghost ? or tis a dark spirit which taunts the weak souls of the moaning?. Most it really be true that my fathers brother be the hand of this unjust deed.. If this was but a cruel illusion created by the tortured spirits of the damned to like them damn myself in a full blown assault on mine mothers husbands brother.. I most find out if this is spirit speaks the truth, an to do this I most see the true greed of my uncle.
Act 2 scene 2 1822 December 8th
In the theatre I well add a few lines which well show the true purpose of my fathers sudden death and my uncles fast marriage to my mother. If he makes any moves or sounds to suggest that he has the conscious of a guilty. The   sign from him well tell me if the ghost from my farther was telling the truth or just a tormented spirit that imitated the looks of my farther to damn my soul..
Act 3 scene 1 1822 December 9th
The play was a success he brought it on himself, his corrupt ways shined through the darkness into mine eyes. I well have to find a way to be able to get close to the king but without anybody getting suspicious of my plan. I well put on the mask of madness an no one shall be told about my plan of avenge. I well kill Claudius so he most suffer the eternity in the fire pits of hell.  
Act 3 scene 3-4 1822 December 21st
This night I had almost killed the one which calls himself my king, but right before I could strike him down he had confessed his sins through prayer. even if I should have followed through with my plan he would end up in heaven while I and my farther in hell which I wouldn't allow for such an unjust deed which was committed towards my country and my family. Later that night I had told my mother about Claudius undue deed, and my plan of my act of madness, though I thought it was Claudius which...

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