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Harry Essay

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  • on October 27, 2008
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"And your godfather, does he treat you well?"
"He's wonderful," Harry said firmly, as if expecting argument. "He really is."
Remus shrugged. "Well, if you're done with breakfast, let's see what you can tell me about what you've learned so far."
It took him the better part of the morning to ascertain that Harry had a fair mind for learning and a strong natural talent, despite lacking even the most elementary skills at wandwork or potions-making. He supposed Harry's aunt and uncle must have lacked the funds to hire a tutor or send the boy to a proper wizarding school, although he would have thought they could have at least taught the boy basic household charms.
He did at least have a wand, clearly new and clearly expensive, which answered to him well enough considering his lack of skill. He looked relieved when Remus finally told him to put it away, though.
"That'll do for today," Remus said as Harry tidied up the detritus of their lesson. "Is there a schoolroom we're to use, or shall I come here for your lessons? We may eventually need a bit more room, especially for elementary Potions. "
"I'll ask Sirius," Harry said. "There are plenty of rooms no one uses. There's only me and Sirius and the house-elves, and most of them live in the stable."
"Very well," Remus said. "Tomorrow morning, then, in whatever room can be arranged."
He ate lunch with Harry and his godfather, who looked the worse for whatever his night's activities had been. Black was mainly silent, although he did smile at Harry and brighten a bit as Harry rattled on about what he'd learned that morning. His eyes were very bright when they lit with interest, and something about the way he looked when he leaned toward Harry to demonstrate the proper way to hold a wand made Remus cough and turn his attention determinedly to his soup.
He spent the afternoon out walking through the deserted gardens. They must once have been beautiful, but seemed to have fallen into disrepair along with the house....

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