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Harvey Milk school Essay

  • Submitted by: muriel1008
  • on December 9, 2008
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Injustice Act
“If homosexuals are allowed their civil rights, then so would prostitute, or thief, or anyone else…” To be young and realize you were gay in the 1970s was to await an adulthood encumbered with dim career prospects, fake wedding rings and darkened bar windows. Harvey Milk came long as the last dim of hope’ People told him no openly gay man could win political office. Fortunately, he ignored them. And then Harvey Milk school was founded for anyone who feels out casted from the society of prejudices and injustice. However, even within its very own school, injustice still exists as an inevitable effect of the society nowadays.
The Harvey Milk School was first established in 1985 in New York City by the Hetrick-Martin Institute. The school is named after Harvey Milk who was a city supervisor for San Francisco and was openly gay. As explained at the school’s official website (2008), the purpose of the school is to give any and all young people a safe place to get an education no matter the sexual orientation of the person.
However, the school is almost completely, or entirely, those who are not heterosexual so there has been tons of criticism and controversy over the legal and ethical values of the school. It is clearly stated by Court of Laws that each state must provide equal educational opportunity to all children in its jurisdiction regardless of race.” This essential case generated many after it which held up the 14th Amendment of equal education for all students “regardless of race, color, national origin, native language, sex, and disability.” This amendment and important case are brought up when considering the Harvey Milk School with the underlying idea that all students should be given an equal education. And this situation could be viewed in two different ways; Homosexual adolescents are being segregated or they are being given special treatment at a public high school that all tax payers in New York are paying for.  
The need for a program...

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