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Hdf 211 Essay

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The biggest environmental concern now is the effects of plastic bottles on our environment. Companies are commercializing a product that is essential to our survival, yet available to us at no cost. Americans are consuming water from plastic bottles more than ever before. What consumers fail to acknowledge is the long biodegradable life of water bottles, the nearing of water shortages in America, and the quality of bottled water.
“Nearly 90 percent of water bottles are not recycled and end up in landfills where it takes thousands of years for the plastic to decompose.” Think about it. We buy a bottle of water for us to drink in less than one hour but then when discarded it sits in the landfill for thousands of years. The big issue is where we are going to store these bottles. Landfills in America are becoming overcrowded and we are running out of places to discard of the plastic waste; costing us thousands of dollars to transport bottles to other countries. This is not considering the water bottles that are not recycled. Plastic bottles that are not recycled usually find its way to oceans and other habitats of various creatures. Those creatures consume the plastic and we consumer the animals.
The commercialization of water is costing us our most valuable resource. As Americans we are privileged to have a clean source of water. In many other countries, people would not dare drink from any public water source for fear of contamination. We use “approximately eighteen million barriers of oil to transport water”, yet another resource we could be preserving. Ultimately, this is hurting our environment year by year. Farmers and other agricultural growers are being affected by the continuing rate of unnecessary water use. Most Americans are purchasing bottled water because they believe it is a better choice than tap, however experiments have been conducted that came eliminate that misconception.
The infamous reason why so many Americans feel compelled to drink...

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