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  • on December 15, 2008
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Within Ancient African Art, art mostly pertained to religious and spiritual beliefs. Many of the tribes in Africa designed or created their works of art and they differed greatly. Human behavior held great significance to these artifacts. Most of the materials used to create such sculptures were hard materials such as brass and ivory. This caused for the sculpture to lack in exactness due to the uneasiness of carving.
            The Head of Iyoba is also known as the Head of a Queen Mother. It originated in the kingdom of Benin, Nigeria between 1750 -1800. The head of Iyoba was made solely of brass and iron. "The title was first conferred upon Idia, the mother of king Esigie, who used her political skill and supernatural abilities to save her son's kingdom from dissolution in the late fifteenth century." (metmuseum.com)
            The Head of Iyoba is a sculpture that of which is considerably small in size. Its height is 16 ¾ in. (42.54cm). As stated previously, it is made of brass and iron. There is great detail of work on the "crown" or exceptional headgear. One may wear this headgear depending on their exceptional status. Its headgear looks rough and many checkered marks are made to accentuate the detail. It also is wide by the head and gets narrower further away, coming to a "cone-like" point. The face is fairly naturalistic. It is a figurative piece. It perceives the human eyes, mouth, nose and ears as they would be seen. Although this is a representation of a human, there is lack in exactness. For example, the eyes are not perfect and amateur in respect to being natural. The pupils are represented with circles and the eyebrows are designed as four marks rather than strands of hair. The face is smooth in texture. There is a three dimensional perspective to this work of art.
There is a design below the head, considered where the neck would be located. A wiring detail within a circular motion "wraps" around the base to the bottom lip, covering the chin. It...

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