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Health Essay

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  • on December 5, 2011
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December 6, 2010
Research Paper
The Dynamics of Alcohol and Alcohol Dependency
Alcohol is an extremely dangerous substance, not only does it do a lot of damage to the drinker physically and emotionally, it also harms others around them such as family, friends and the society in general (Gmel, & Rehm, 2003). This essay will look at the dynamics of alcohol, addiction, past and present approaches of alcoholism and the neurological networks of alcoholism.
According to Steve M. (2000) “alcoholism is a dynamic and progressive illness, which may take years and even decades to develop into an easily identifiable condition.” Alcoholism appears to have three main stages that show the gradual step toward alcoholism. These stages consist of exposure or experimentation, which is almost like the first introduction to alcohol, many people are usually under the legal age when they first learn about or have a taste of alcohol. The second is learned, habitual-behavioral reliance, this is the stage when alcohol is used to party, relax, flirt or even reward oneself. The last is chronic dependency; this is when alcohol dependency is stretched out over a long period of time (Steve M, 2000). These stages are all different, yet they all have some sort of similarities that overlap each other which can make it hard to see what stage a person maybe up to or past for that matter (Steve M, 2000).
Medical Library (2003) states that, “Addiction is a dependence on a behavior or substance that a person is powerless to stop.” There are many factors that influence an addiction these are such things as genetic factors, drugs, some which are generally more addictive then others, or social learning meaning that the environment in which one is in may have a major influence on an addiction (Medical Library, 2003). Addiction is extremely hard to break for some people and takes a lot of will power. There are two main types of addiction the first being substance addiction, which include...

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