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Health Care Essay

  • Submitted by: drew4422
  • on December 7, 2008
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Mass Media effect on thinness and Dieting
The attitude toward being physical fit has brought the idea of exercise and diet to a surgical procedure. With all the models on television we are all looking for a quick way to look healthy. The media showing us all these fad diets and diet pills all the time, with our busy lives, who has time to go to the gym to work out everyday. The amount of money we throw at this problem is mind boggling with cosmetic surgery and diet foods and pills. Being physically fit in our society is falling to the background with the United States being one of the most obese nations.
The thought of getting sweaty and tried has left the mind of many Americans, so we come up with ways to lose weight without wasting any energy. We spend thousands of dollars to go under the knife in the idea of being skinny. There were around 400,000 people to undergo liposuction at the cost of around five thousand dollars, per surgery. I just want to say that being thin doesn’t always mean you are healthy. If you are overweight, to lose weight and become healthy you have to change your life style.
Lewis Thomas has an idea that the Health care system of this country is a staggering enterprise, in any sense of the adjective (Thomas 583). Thomas also says that the media is using the fear of not being thin to help sell their product (Thomas 584).   He is right to a certain degree in these times. In his time the fast food wasn’t a way of life and exercise probably was just a fad to people. Times have changed with people working long hours and not eating healthy meals, our obesity rate has increased over the years. I believe the media isn’t helping with this problem with all the promises of quick fixes and miracle drugs to make you healthy.
There are many reasons why people make mistakes about losing weight. The biggest mistake is going on a fad diet. Fad diets are for that quick weight loss that people are looking for but don’t work in the long run. People taking...

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