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Health Report

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  • on December 5, 2011
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Communications FETAC Level 5


The Benefits of an Active Lifestyle for Children

The aim of this report is to discuss some of the ways an active lifestyle can benefit children. The key issues I will be focusing on is how children are healthier from an active lifestyle, how they gain more confidence, how they improve on their social skills and how an active lifestyle can help create a happier family unit. Obesity in children is on the rise and I believe this is an important issue which needs to be addressed.

Key Issues / Factors:
Lowers the chances of health risks
Regular physical activity provides many important health benefits. The heart functions more efficiently and reduces the likelihood of high blood pressure and the build up of excess fat deposits in the arteries. “Heart disease and high cholesterol have been detected in children as young as three years old” (www.betterkisinstitute.com)
Exercise also contributes to strong muscles which will help prevent injuries and protect the joints. Martial arts’ training is an example of physical activity which helps your child build overall muscle strength and increase their lung capacity.

Encourages self confidence
Exercise can benefit children who suffer from low confidence, it provides a sense of accomplishment and instils a feeling of self worth. When you take part in physical activity your body releases endorphins in your brain, this chemical   is proven to combat stress and provide mood enhancement. A study carried out by The Physical Activity Guideline Advisory Committee showed that active people had nearly a 45% lower chance of acquiring depression-like symptoms than inactive people.
Children can gain self confidence when they discover a talent or skill at a sport, and even if they don’t excel in the sport they will gain confidence in the improvement they will achieve in the activity a month or so down the line from when they first started.

Improves social skills

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