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Hear My Voice Essay

  • Submitted by: nyocfwdy310
  • on January 22, 2009
  • Category: Arts and Music
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Acceptance, a 10 letter word that will haunt you for most of your high school and teenage life. a 10 letter word that can change a life. why is acceptance such a huge deal? why does it have such a great impact on a persons life? why do we strive to be like everyone else? whats wrong with individuality? whats wrong with being who you are? ill tell you whats wrong with that, being who you are can lead to hatred, humiliation, and it could lead to being an outcast. being who you are could lead to the most horrific thing in a teenagers life, being and OUTCAST!..and yeah your teachers and councilors will argue that everyone should be accepted.. they say that everyone can be accepted.. they say everyone is equal, but im sorry its not that plain and simply. life is just butterflies and roses, life is based on the strive to be better then one another, life is about establishing a hierarchy. a hierarchy where only the strong survive.

How do you think it feels to hear "im sorry, you best just isn't good enough." "your two young, your to original, your different"
i know how that feels and you know what, it makes you feel like crap, it makes you feel like your just not quiet good enough,
make you feel like being yourself is not quiet what you need to make it in this world.

Acceptance, a 10 letter word that can make you less of a person. a 10 letter word that can change a life.

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