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Henry The 7Th Sole Achivement Essay

  • Submitted by: PearlAmor
  • on December 5, 2011
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How far do the sources support the view that Henry Ⅶ’s sole achievement was to pass on the throne to his son?

Henry Ⅶ was father to one of England’s greatest monarchs, and some people believe that Henry Ⅶ’s sole achievement was to pass on the throne whereas other people believe he was responsible for peace and stability during his reign. The fact that Henry Ⅶ had managed to pass on his throne is very important because there hadn’t been a peaceful succession for over 100 years, so the fact that this succession was peaceful would have been something new for the people of England at that time. The aim of this essay is to see whether Henry Ⅶ accomplished more than passing on the throne or not, with the aid of various different sources.
Henry Ⅷ succeeded the throne from his father on 21st April 1509. Some historians argue that the only achievement that Henry Ⅶ actually achieved was being able to pass the throne on to his heir. Source 3 states “Yes, he did manage to pass on the throne to his son……. It seems almost that this is the only achievement which remains intact,” Here C. Carpenter implies that he feels that Henry Ⅶ managed to pass on the throne, but continues to say, that this is the only achievement of his which remained intact, and further implies that everything he has supposedly done really didn’t work out, which continues to emphasis the fact that C.Carpenter believed that Henry Ⅶ was not as impressive as people believed he was.   The tone in Source 2 does not show any empathy for Henry Ⅶ this view is then questioned in Source 6 which speaks more positively of Henry Ⅶ.   Source 6 states “The most important revolution of the period was surely the restoration of a high degree of peace and stability throughout most of the country, and its architect was King Henry Ⅶ.” This quotation adopts a more positive tone than that of Source 3. Source 6 highlights the fact that peace and stability was finally restored after the War of the Roses by Henry Ⅶ, and by calling...

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