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Hera Essay

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Throughout the majority of Hera's myths, she was portrayed as a very
proud and jealous goddess who displayed the importance and strength of marriage. Hera utilizes her many powers and strengths to assure that she was the best, and came first in all things important to her, such as beauty and her relationship with her husband. In her stories, she exemplifies many traits that we all possess but may not be proud of, such as envy and rage, but even so, she was heavily worshipped throughout all of Greece as well as other cultures.
Hera was the immortal queen of the Greek gods as well as one of the 12 Olympians (mythweb.com) (arthistory.sbc.edu). She was always depicted as an extremely beautiful young woman, wearing a high crown, with a lotus tipped scepter and a pomegranate ("Hera", 15). The name "Hera" itself means lady and she was essentially portrayed as a wife and mother. She was the goddess of the welfare of women and children and was always associated with fertility ("Hera", 15). Hera was counted on to protect a woman's marriage and children, and for help in finding financial security. Various things were sacred to her, and among them were the peacock, pomegranate, cuckoo, lily and willow ("Hera", 98). It is said that the Milky Way was created from the milk of Hera's breasts, and when the drops fell down to earth, fields of lilies were formed (goddessgift.com). One of Hera's greatest powers was her ability to prophesize future events. She could bestow this gift to both gods and humans but made sure that if she were to do so, that person would only have disasters to foretell. Therefore, even Hera's gift was a curse to fear (Daily, 93).
Even though Hera was extremely powerful, she had family to support her and rule alongside her on Mount Olympus. She was the daughter of Cronus, king of the Titans and Rhea the mother of the Gods (mythweb.com). Hera was born under a willow tree, which explains why the willow is sacred to her ("Hera", 16). When she and her siblings...

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