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Herbert Blumer Essay

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  • on December 5, 2011
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Herbert Blumer
Nancy Woltmon
S0C101:   Introduction to Sociology (ACK1147A)
Instructor Emily Frydrych
November 27th, 2011

“Let me begin by identifying the empirical social world in the case of human beings.   This world is the actual group life of human beings.   It consists of what they experience and do, individually and collectively, as they engage in their respective forms of living; it covers the large complexes of interlaced activities that grow up as the action of some spread out to affect the actions of others…The empirical world, in short is the world of everyday experience, the top layers of which we see in our lives and recognize in the lives of others”. Herbert Bulmer
Although the macro theories of Structural functionalist like Auguste Comte have insightful, meaningful and necessary input into the study of community and people and even Karl Marx has what seem to be humanitarian goals which appear to be ideas that should work—but don’t in reality, for some humanistic reason or reasons of human nature being what it is.   I prefer to look at sociology in the micro perspective of how it affects human kind on the individual level and branching out from there.   This seems to be a very tedious, sometimes dry and laborious method of learning information about the complexities of human nature and structure of interaction being the means of following this study.   When I put in the work of following a study to the bitter end I am changed by it and have learned something from it.
The core principles of Bulmer’s theory meaning, language, and thought give rise to the creation of the self and socialization into the larger community (Griffin, l997).  
Meaning is how humans act toward people and things based on the meanings that they give to them.   Language is the means by which we negotiate meaning through symbols.   Thought is based-on language or mental conversation that has us assume a role or to imagine different perspectives.   In illustration messages can be...

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