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Hercules Essay

  • Submitted by: Sboarder12
  • on December 7, 2008
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Hercules or Heracles as the Romans called him; was born at Olympus. His father was Zeus, the chief god, and his true mother was Alcmene; a mortal woman. Hercules became immortal when Zeus’s wife Hera gave him milk soon after his birth. That is why the name Hercules means “Glory of Hera” Hercules became half immortal when Hera thoughtlessly milked him when he was a newborn. When Hercules was at the age of eight, Hera sent two serpents into his room to kill him. Hercules and his twin brother Iphicles awoke and saw the serpents above them. Through all of the commotion, Alcmene and Amphitryon appeared in the boy’s room to see Hercules strangling the serpents, one in each hand. When Hercules was done being a child, he went through an assortment of training with many people. He was taught to drive a chariot, fencing lessons, weapon drills, cavalry and infantry tactics, strategy, boxing, and archery which he was better than anyone at. He had an “unerring aim, both with javelin and arrow.” His favorite dinner was roast meat and barley-cakes. He wore a short skirt and he would choose to sleep outside under the stars rather than inside on a bed. When Hercules was about to be taking on a new labour he would say. “Vultures, are the most righteous of birds; they do not attack even the smallest living creature.” Hercules’s strengths were that he was half immortal, which made him immensely strong and big. He was built to be a full blown warrior.
The lowest point of Hercules’s life is called “the madness of Hercules” When he defeated the Minyans, it made him the most known hero, in the world. His reward was to marry King Creon’s eldest daughter Megara, and was appointed protector if the city. His brother Iphicles married the king’s youngest daughter. Most people say that Hercules had two sons by Megara; but there are still others who exaggerate the number. “Hera, vexed by Hercules’s excesses, drove him mad.” He attacked Iphicles oldest son first, who managed to escape his...

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