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heritage Essay

  • Submitted by: xbeata12x
  • on December 14, 2008
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Heritage is something that comes or belongs to one by reason of birth. My heritage is that I am 100% Polish. Both my parents were born in Poland and both of my parents grandparents were born in Poland. I interviewed both my parents to find out more about them and my heritage. After I interviewed both my parents I had a new found appreciation for my parents to see what they went through to come to America and the hardships they faced to let me and brothers have the good life we have now.
My mother came to America from Poland when she was only 19 years old on February 13, 1985. When departing from Nisko, Poland by bus she was transported to Italy were she spent 3 months in some kind of camp where they asked her a bunch of questions why she wants to come to America. The people in Italy in those camps where either going to America or Canada. The questions that they were asked were sort of an application to see if you qualify to go to America if you don’t then you would be sent to Canada. To my amazement my mother has a journal that she kept for all these years, which has the questions that she was asked in Italy. The reason why my mother had left Poland was because at that time Poland was a communist country and the Martial Law was in effect were you had early bed times and you couldn’t go out after a certain time. She also said she left because she wanted more freedom and a better life and job for herself. After the three months had finally been up she hoped on a plane to America and arrived on Friday February 13, 1985. She met up with my aunt which was living in America already and went home to her apartment. The next day happened to be Valentines Day so my mom and my aunt went to the Polish National Home in Hartford to go and have a good time on Valentines Day.   On Sunday February 15 my aunt and my mom went to church, and the following day my mom went out seeking for a job and she got 2. My mother had been in America for 3 days and she already had everything she...

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